House for sale in hayathnagar, hyderabad, is that your search? Then you are at the right place. We sell 2 bhk Individual Residential houses near kuntloor, hayathnagar with loan facility and you can also get rental income.




2 bhk independent house for sale in kuntloor near hayathnagar


2 bhk independent house for sale in hyderabad

You will be finding your long-awaited joyous independent house in hayathnagar, Hyderabad along with many other luxurious facilities under a single head.



Why us for – independent house for sale in hayathnagar?

This is a general question that arises in everyone’s mind. Here are the reasons why you should buy an independent house near hayathnagar with us.

  • We are DIRECT OWNERS of the property there is no Brokerage.
  • We have gained a lot of experience and expertise in the past 25+ years in constructing independent houses in hyderabad.
  • We maintain high-quality standards in selecting materials like bricks, steel, sand and cement etc.,
  • The areas we construct and sell independent houses are highly developing and good connectivity of roads and locations.
  • We offer budget-friendly prices like houses in hyderabad below 6o lakhs & houses in hyderabad below 50 lakhs, keeping middle-class people in mind.
  • Our properties have clear title and freehold properties.
  • We offer LOAN facility to the properties we sell.
  • Our independent houses have LRS paid and G+1 permission.

We are here to fulfil all your real estate requirements and needs, including buying and selling a property near hayathnagar, hyderabad.


Why buy a house or property in Hayathnagar?

Hayathnagar a suburb in hyderabad. There are many reasons to choose hayathnagar for buying an independent house

  • Budget/Affordable prices: When buying a house everyone has their own budget. Independent houses near hayathnagar are budget friendly that is why many people buy houses in hayathnagar and surrounding locations like munganoor, Kuntloor, Pasumamula and etc


  • Development: The second thing is development means the future of our investment. In hayathnagar there is a lot of scope for development because due to its affordable open land prices.


  • Connectivity: Connectivity is main when buying a property, hayathnagar is best in connecting different locations like nagole, LB nagar, Uppal and hospitals and schools as well.


  • Pollution-free zone: Hayathnagar and surroundings are now developing means there will be moderate population and that leads to less pollution.



1. Which is the best place to buy a house in Hyderabad?

a) Buying a house in Hyderabad depends on budget, if you have a budget of 60 lakhs, then you can get a 2 bhk house near hayathnagar surroundings areas like kuntloor, pasumamula, munganoor.


2. Is it good to buy a flat or an independent house?

a) My suggestion is to buy an independent house because the value of the property increases higher when compared to a flat.


3. How much money is required to buy a house in hyderabad?

a) Minimum money required to buy a 2 bhk house in hyderabad is around 45 lakhs.

4. Are there independent houses in Hayathnagar available from owners?
a) We offer direct owner ready to move 2 bhk independent houses for sale in hayathnagar, hyderabad.